Tuition and Fees 2018-19






*Enrollment Fee 

Due at time of enrollment



Total for the year

12 month plan

June 1, 2018-

May 1, 2019

Amount per month:

9 month plan

Sept. 1, 2018-

May 1, 2019

Amount per month:

3 day 3 Years Old-T/W/T





5 day 3 Years Old





K4–Half Day





Kindergarten–Full Day










4th -5th 





6th -7th-8th 














*ENROLLMENT FEE is due at time of enrollment and is non-refundable.

 ENROLLMENT FEE For returning families - you may pay 1/3 at the time of enrollment, 

1/3 by March 30th and the remaining 1/3 by April 30th.


In September all families will be assessed an annual Praxi Fee of $20.00 per family and Praxi call fee of $2.25 per student. The K5 – 12th Grade Gym Usage Fee of $30.00 per student is due at the time of enrollment.



  12 - month plan (June 1, 2018 – May 1, 2019)

                Note:  In order to use the 12-month option, enrollment must be completed by June 8.           

                Anyone enrolling after June 8 must use the 9-month option.

       9 - month plan (September 1, 2018 – May 1, 2019)


BOOKS:  Textbooks are included in the cost of tuition and are the property of FBA.   Replacement costs for lost/damaged books will be assessed.  For some upper school courses, there will be a book fee.

SUPPLIES:  Individual student supplies will need to be purchased.  Pre-packaged supplies are available to purchase in the school office through April 20, 2018. 

3/K4 MATERIALS FEE:  3/K4 students are assessed a materials fee of $40.00.

FINE ARTS FEES:  Band: Beginning Band: $15.00      7th-12th Grade Band: $40.00      

High School Choir:  $30.00       Middle School Choir:  $20.00

Middle School Art: $10.00  

Computer Graphics: $40.00

Digital Imaging:  $40.00

Dual Credit Digital Imaging:  $40.00

High School Theatre Art:  $30.00    Middle School Theater Art:  $20.00

DEVELOPMENT FEE:  All students will be charged $100.  (Family maximum of $300)  You can pay this all at once or ask to have it charged monthly (either 9 or 12 months).* See attached letter.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION UNIFORM:  FBA uniforms are required for all physical education students in K5 and above.  *These uniforms are purchased in the school office.  Students are allowed to wear previously issued uniforms as long as they are in good condition and fit modestly. This includes uniforms handed down from older siblings.  

New uniform:  $7 shirt/$9.50 shorts.

MEALS AT SCHOOL:  The option to purchase lunch and milk is available.

ATHLETIC FEE:  This fee covers a portion of the cost of equipment, uniforms, referee/umpire fees, payable prior to issue of uniform.  Cost:  Jr High:  $80 per sport    Varsity: $100 per sport.  Spirit Squad: $50 plus uniform per season.

Additional Athletic Fees:   Traveling expenses (hotel, food, etc.), when required

OPTIONAL PURCHASES: Individual school pictures, Class picture, Yearbook, Spirit Wear, Letter Jacket, Class Ring. OTHER FEES: Retreat Fees, Graduation Fees, Senior Trip, etc.



(Before and After School Care – 6:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.)

Full time enrollment - $60     Part time (hourly students) enrollment - $35

3/K4 (5) days before and after school

$410.00 monthly

3/K4 (5) days after school only

$370.00 monthly

3/K4 (3) days before and after school

$310.00 monthly

3/K4 (2) days before and after school

$260.00 monthly

3/K4 (2) days after school

$230.00 monthly

3/K4 (3) days after school

$290.00 monthly

K3-8th before only

$140.00 monthly

K5-8th before and after

$310.00 monthly

K5-8th after only

$235.00 monthly

Hourly/Half Hour


Non-Reservation Fee


Cancellation Fee


*A family who has more than 1 child enrolled in ELS will receive a 5% discount for the 2nd child and 10% for each thereafter.*

Holiday Rate:  If you choose to have before and after school care on a monthly basis, your fees will stay the same for ELS during the month including school holidays.  However, if you choose after school only for your child for the month and you use ELS during a school holiday you will be billed by the hour from the time you sign your child in the a.m. until 11:30 a.m. and at that time your monthly fee would begin.  The hourly fees are listed above.



(SOS – SUMMER CHILD CARE – 6:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.)

Full time (monthly & weekly) enrollment - $110     Part time (daily and hourly) enrollment - $60

Monthly rate


Weekly rate


Daily rate


Hourly rate


Half hour rate


Non-Reservation Fee


Monthly Half Day – 6:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.



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