FBA Newsletter 5-11-2020


May 11, 2020

Senior Parade!​​ https://tse3.mm.bing.net/th?id=OIP.0AVsC7Faabj2IcEOr5mLEAHaDI&pid=Api&P=0&w=382&h=163

Please join us on May 15th at 6:00 p.m. for our Senior Parade to celebrate our FBA 2020 graduating class!  Observers are welcome to park in the large parking areas at safe distances to cheer on our graduates as they drive through our parking lot parade route.  Signs and decorated cars are encouraged!

All persons must remain in their vehicles and follow social distancing guidelines. ​​ Cars must park with at least one parking space between them.



Image result for pay your acccount​​ All accounts should be paid​​ off

Please check​​ Praxi for your account balance. Grades/Report Cards will not be available for those that have a remaining balance after May 15th.​​ 

Payments can be made online or by mail.​​ ​​ 


Summer Child Care and 2020-2021 School Year

Please check your email for a survey concerning enrollment. ​​ If you have questions, please send an email.

2020-2021 School Year:​​ venita@fbauc.com

Summer Child Care: dwinkelmann@fbauc.com


Items to be Returned during Pick-up

(Items not turned in, will result in a fine- All items may not be listed)

Library Books:​​ ​​ We need to check in all books, please do not keep them any longer than May 20.  Thank you, and keep reading!


Textbooks:​​ Borrowed textbooks need to be turned in.


Track Uniforms:​​ The uniforms need to be clean and put in a zip lock bag with the student name written on the bag. ​​ 


Music Material/Instruments: ​​​​ Please label your material and instruments when returning.​​ 


Chromebooks: ​​​​ If you are in high school and not returning for the next school year, please label and return.​​ 





Student/Parent Pickup Schedule


We have set forth a time during the last week of school for students/parents to do a drive through pickup of personal items and return any school items.  We have reserved a slot for each teacher/grade so they can be there to wave goodbye. Please see your time below and whether you are scheduled to pick up by the ELS/Preschool area or by the school office.


Directions for pickup for Elem./MS/HS: Go to assigned location for pickup (ELS/Pre-K or School office). Bag(s) will be lined up and clearly labeled with student’s name. Cars are to line up in front of their assigned location. The representative from ONE car at a time is allowed to exit their vehicle to retrieve the student bag(s) and to deposit items to return (textbooks, library books, music materials, athletic uniforms, etc.) in marked bins. We ask all individuals exiting vehicles to be wearing masks. All additional families will remain in their cars, in line, until the family before them returns to their car, thus following social distancing guidelines.


 Directions for pickup for Preschool: Go to assigned location for pickup (ELS/Pre-K - where we do carpool and ELS drop-off and pick-up). Teachers and staff will be there to direct you. Cars will form one line and we will pull cars under the portico one at a time. Please have the front seat area open for items, or open the back of your vehicle as you enter the portico area. Teachers will place your students bag(s) in your vehicle and say their goodbyes.  We ask that everyone remain in their vehicle, thus following social distancing guidelines.  


We can put items from sibling groups together, but they may not all get a goodbye wave from their teacher.  Please contact your teachers and let them know if you need to arrange one pickup for all siblings so we can have their items at the requested time slot.​​ If you are unable to make it at your assigned time, we will leave your items out until 6:00 p.m. on your assigned day only.




Mon 5/18

Tues 5/19

Wed 5/20








9 am

C. Muse






10 am







11 am







12 pm







1 pm

D. Brown






2 pm







3 pm







*The pick-up times for Ms. Myers and Mrs. Campos have changed from last week.


**12th​​ grade​​ will receive their items on Friday, May 15th at the parade. This time slot is reserved for them​​ to return items such as textbooks, uniforms, etc. 12th grade students will also be notified individually if any additional items need to be picked up at this time. 

 ​​ ​​ ​​​​ 

FBA Mission: ​​ Educate students for time & eternity by presenting God’s truth in all areas of education and character development.

FBA Vision: Teach the Way, Train in Truth, Live the Life (Jesus)​​ John 14:6

FBA Philosophy: Kingdom Education with a Biblical Worldview

FBA Goal: ​​ Honor/Glorify God (dominion/Gen1:28); Love (Mt 22:37-39); Go (Mt 28:18-2)





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