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March 17, 2021




Parent/Teacher Conferences are​​ THIS FRIDAY,​​ March 19th​​ for students Pre-K through 12th​​ grade.​​ Make sure, if​​ you are in Pre-K through 3rd​​ grade that you have signed up for a time slot to meet with your teacher.


4th​​ – 12th​​ Grade:​​ conferences​​ located in the Peace Auditorium. ​​ 4th​​ – 12th​​ grade students are required to attend conferences.

School uniform is not​​ required, however proper dress is expected.

  • No Appointments Necessary

    •   7:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.


  • 5 – 10 Minute Conferences As Needed

    • If you need longer, a separate appointment can be set with the teacher

    • First come, first served.  Wait your turn in seats in​​ front of teacher you want to talk to; move up as others ahead finish


All Grade Levels: ​​ 

  • Accounts must be current to receive report card

  • Conferences are MANDATORY. ​​ 

  • Students in grades K5-3rd​​ may not attend the conferences and are not to be on campus (unless in ELS) or left unattended on campus or in vehicles. ​​ 

  • Students in grades 4th​​ – 12th​​ are to attend the conference with parent(s). ​​ Attendance will be taken. ​​ 

  • No telephone conferences

  • ELS will be available with reservation for FBA students ages13 and under. ​​ Students staying in ELS will need to bring a sack lunch, as no hot lunch will be available. ​​ ELS is not able to heat up or cook food at lunch.

  • Hang Time will​​ not​​ be available.​​ 

Report cards do not need to be returned. ​​ 


There will be a table set up​​ in the atrium with Lost and Found items. Please check the table before or after your Parent/Teacher Conference​​ and claim any items that might belong to your child(ren). ​​ Thank you.



OUR PURPOSE:​​ To raise funds for​​ needed supplies outside the normal budget and fund teacher appreciation activities.


  • Each student will receive 2 discount cards.​​ Please ask your child for the​​ envelope being sent home today.

  • Prices are 1 card for $20 or 2 cards for $30.

  • Selling dates are March 17th​​ through March 24th.

Please collect money at the time you sell the card.​​ Make checks payable to​​ First Baptist Academy. ​​ Any cards not returned by March 25th​​ will be charged to the account. ​​ Additional details are in the envelope. ​​ Contact the Parent Auxiliary with any questions regarding this Fundraiser.

This Fundraiser is sponsored​​ 

by FBA’s Parent Auxiliary.

Your participation is not required. ​​ 

Please return any money collected or unsold cards in the envelope that is being​​ sent home. ​​ DEADLINE: ​​ MARCH 25th.

We have a winner clipart

Congratulations to the Wilks Family for referring a family to our Open House earlier this month.  They won the $50 Visa Gift Card.  We appreciate all of you who share our school with others, because nothing brings us more joy than to have the opportunity to educate students for time and eternity.  


2021 Pre-TAPPS Results

On Wednesday, March 3, FBA Eagle Choir members competed in the PreTAPPS Solo competition.  ​​​​ God blessed us with beautiful music. ​​ We praise Him for the​​ results listed below.​​ 


  • Lily Alvarez – Superior (I)

  • Megan Daugherty – Superior (I)

  • Natalie Huth – Excellent (II)

  • Peyton Schmidt – Good (III)

  • Samantha Strawn – Superior (I)​​ 

  • Olivia Torres ​​ – Superior (I)

  • Macie Whitson – Superior (I)




2021 Art​​ Fair Winners


Kindergarten​​ 4th​​ grade   8th​​ grade

1st​​ place    Superior Superior

Brady Mueller    Isaac Guerro   Jackson Williams

Harlow Gonzales   Sydlizzz Niemietz  Jackson Williams

2nd​​ place    Skyla Alexander   Pauline Whisenant

Jensen Wallace    Kadyn Zamzow   Pauline Whisenant

Jesse Swayze    Kadyn Zamzow

3rd​​ place        Excellent

Clifton Ross    Excellent   Gabriella Broadnax

     Skyla Alexander   Gisele Newman

1st​​ Grade    Arabella Carver

1st​​ place    Laura Shaner   9th​​ grade

Emma Alvarado    Annabeth Gamez  Superior

Samara Grice        Luis DeLuna

2nd​​ place    5th​​ grade   Peyton Holt

Amy Rodriguez    Superior

3rd​​ place    Zoe Lockhart   11th​​ grade

Samara Grice    Tessa Mitchell   Superior

Sophie Helmick    Charlotte Delgado  Alyssa Dougherty

     Alex Witt   Alyssa Dougherty

2nd​​ grade        Julia Weatherly

1st​​ place    Excellent

Aaliyah Ibera-Ortiz   Zoe Lockhart   Excellent

2nd​​ place    Alex Witt   Madeleine Martin

Bella Acosta    Evelyn Shobe

3rd​​ place    Emmaline Reimer

Jackson Tamez

Gatlynn Drury    6th​​ grade

Morgan Dugar    Superior

     Josiah Brandt

3rd​​ gradeMelani Dalton

Superior    Abigail Rolison

Leila Riley    Abigail Rolison

Rhyleigh Ortiz

Zenia Stalnaker    Excellent

     Colton Wood

Excellent    Melani Dalton

Shylah Reimer

Noah Lockhart    7th​​ grade

Cadence Harmes   Superior

Amelia Dougherty   Zach Freeman

     Brook Carreon

     Madison Shobe



     Madison Shobe

     Zack Freeman

     Brook Carreon



We will notify you as soon as we receive the order​​ 

information from Signature Photography.

Orders will be placed online.



From the Librarian-​​ ᐈ Library clip art stock images, Royalty Free librarian illustrations |  download on Depositphotos®

Thank you to all who helped make our Spring Book Fair a big success!  I hope you are enjoying your purchases!   We​​ were blessed by being able to visit and chat with so many of you! 



Notes from the School of Worship Arts FBCUC​​ Musical Notes,music,staff - Small Music Note Clipart (#1339267) - PinClipart

It’s the final sprint before summer and we wish all the FBA students a great finish to the 2020-2021 school year! If your student has been thinking about taking up an instrument or perhaps pushing toward increasing his/her proficiency on the instrument already playing, we would like you to consider taking private lessons through the school of worship arts.  We are located in the Love Bldg. of FBCUC so we are super convenient. Our prices are competitive and we have only 6 weeks left in the current semester. It’s a good time to try us out without a semester long commitment.  Give me a call for more information. We would love to have you join the SOWA family of future worship leaders.

Jo Fannin, Administrator ​​ 210-540-7372

















FBA Mission: ​​ Educate students for time & eternity by presenting God’s truth in all areas of education and character development.

FBA Vision: Teach the Way; Train​​ in Truth, Live the Life (Jesus)​​ John 14:6

FBA Philosophy: Kingdom Education with a Biblical Worldview

FBA Goal: ​​ Honor/Glorify God (dominion/Gen1:28); Love (Mt 22:37-39); Go (Mt 28:18-2)

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