FBA Newsletter 2-5-2020


February 5, 2020



Packets will come home this Friday. ​​ If you have more than one​​ child​​ enrolling you will have forms for each child. ​​ If you asked for ELS forms, this form is attached as well. ​​ Reminder: ​​ Your children are not enrolled until all paperwork is complete and at least 1/3 of the enrollment fee is paid. ​​ 

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A flyer about our open house will be coming home. ​​ 

Help us spread the word by sharing it with a friend.

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Dual Credit Announcement

The application process for students interested in Dual Credit courses is underway.  Tenth​​ graders will start their applications on Friday to participate in the Dual Credit portions of English III and US History next year.  Any other students who are not in the Dual Credit program, and are interested in taking an online class next fall should contact Mrs. San Roman.