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December 1, 2021


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Congratulations, Eagle Choir Members!!!

TMEA Region 11 held pre-area auditions November 15 at East Central High School. The pre-area audition determines who will represent our region at the area competition (involving several regions) in January. FBA’s​​ Ayden Bendele​​ and

Samantha Strawn​​ were selected for this honor, and​​ Megan Daugherty​​ is a first alternate. We are so blessed to have these diligent students in our choir!


C:\Users\vleader\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.MSO\935ECC98.tmpCHRISTMAS THEMED SHIRTS AND SWEATERSUgly Christmas Sweater Clipart - Clip Art Bay

Just a reminder – you may wear a Christmas themed shirt or sweater to school this Friday, December 3rd​​ and next Friday, December 10th. ​​ Shirts and sweaters​​ must be worn​​ with​​ jeans or uniform skirt or​​ pants. ​​​​ Spirit shirts and jeans or school uniform may be worn as well.





The banquet will be held in the Peace Auditorium​​ 

on Saturday, December 4th.


Free Bike Rodeo Cliparts, Download Free Bike Rodeo Cliparts png images,  Free ClipArts on Clipart Library​​ TIME!!!​​ 

First Baptist Academy is excited about our annual bike rodeo!!! ​​ This is a wonderful opportunity to get kids excited about bike riding, and a perfect way of teaching kids about bike safety! ​​ The bike rodeo will take place December 6th​​ – 8th, and will be held from 9:30-11:00. ​​ Parents are welcome and we need several to come and help out.


When: ​​ December 6th: ​​ 2nd​​ and 3rd​​ grade


  ​​ ​​​​ December 7th: ​​ 4th​​ and 5th​​ grade


  ​​ ​​​​ December 8th: 1st​​ grade


What kids need to know: ​​ Children must be able to ride a bike and they​​ need to bring a helmet or they cannot participate. ​​ Training wheels are welcome. ​​ The kids will go through several stations teaching bike safety.  ​​​​ Children do not need to memorize hand signals, for this will be taught at one of the stations. ​​ If you are unable to bring a bike or your kid does not know how to ride a bike they can still participate and have a great time!


Bike Drop off: ​​ Bikes can be dropped off from 7:45-8:45 in front of the gym. There will be someone to assist you as to where to put the bike. ​​ Once the bike rodeo is over you are encouraged to take your child’s bike home, but if this is not possible you can pick it up when you pick up your child at the end of the day.​​ 


Dress: ​​ Children may come to school dressed in their P.E. attire for the day. ​​ 





1st and 2nd Grade​​ Curriculum Resources / Spelling Bee Lists | Spelling bee, Spelling bee  games, Spelling bee decorations

These will be held in class on Tuesday, December 7th.


Holiday Concert: A Christmas of Hope, Peace, & Joy | Lake Tahoe Choir |  Lake Tahoe Events

Tuesday, December 7th​​ at 6:30 p.m. in the Peace Auditorium


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Entries are due to Mrs. San Roman by 12/8/2021

They can be hand delivered or emailed to tsanroman@fbauc.com 


Students have freedom in the choice of content. The work does not have to be spiritual in nature, but we encourage a spiritual application, if appropriate. Please avoid potentially offensive themes that include racial slurs, deal with the occult (witchcraft, ghosts, haunted houses, etc.), or have excessive fantasy, sexual innuendos, vulgar themes, excessive violence, and bathroom humor. A student may, however, choose one of these areas—ghosts, haunted houses, excessive fantasy, sexual innuendos, vulgar themes, or bathroom humor—and deal with it in a positive, biblical manner. Questionable material will be returned and will not be judged.


Short Story—The story may deal with a spiritual or historical personality, theme, or idea. The writer must stay within the bounds of moral and acceptable subject matter. The personalities may be of any era. The story may be, but is not limited to, fantasy, mystery, or comedy. It may also be true to life. Each word (a, an, the, etc.) is considered part of the word count.

The following lengths are required (the title should not be included in the word count):

Grades 4–5 300–800 words

Grades 6–8 600–1,600 words

Grades 9–12 900–2,400 words                             

Essay—The theme should be pertinent. The writer must develop a definition, concept, or idea. The subject may be a controversial one, but moral and spiritual values must be evident. An essay consists of an introduction, a body including two to five points, and a conclusion. Each word (a, an, the, etc.) is considered part of the word count.

The following lengths are required (the title should not be included in the word count):

Grades 4–5 300–800 words

Grades 6–8 600–1,600 words

Grades 9–12 900–2,400 words

Rhymed Poetry or Free Verse Poetry—Topics may include those relating to nature, spiritual concepts, and the feelings and attitudes of people. The poem should evoke one’s thoughts, imagination, and emotions. Each word (a, an, the, etc.) is considered part of the word count.

The following lengths are required (the title should not be included in the word count):

Grades 4–5 25–150 words

Grades 6–8 25–300 words

Grades 9–12 25–600 words


  • All works must be typed. Handwritten works will not be accepted.

  • Works should be proofread for spelling and grammatical accuracy.

  • Short story and essay works double-spaced.

  • Fonts must be at least size 12.

  • Each work needs to be identified in the upper right-hand corner

Student name

Grade level

Category (Short story, essay, rhymed or free-verse poetry)




Christmas Clipart Vector Images (over 11,000)CHRISTMAS SPIRIT WEEK​​ d2fed8ca2e074357f1da4444670d03fc–christmas-clipart-free-free-christmas- clip-art – ComputerPals Newcastle

To get into the Christmas spirit we will have a DRESS UP week for​​ 

faculty, staff and students in K3 – 12th​​ grade.

This is voluntary (but will be lots of fun)!! You may dress up one day or all, it is your call.

Day 1 – December 13th​​ – In honor of Rudolph and his reindeer friends,​​ 

wear your animal print or camo and join the trend.

Day 2 – December 14th​​ ​​ -​​ ​​ Rockin’ around the Christmas tree, hats off to holiday cheer.

Wear your favorite Christmas shirt with glee and or festive headwear gear.

Day 3 – December 15th​​ – Candy Canes and Christmas trees – you can wear red, white and green.

Day 4 – December 16th​​ – Don we now our plaid apparel – Fa la la la la, la la la la. Wear your plaid.

Day 5 – December 17th​​ – T’was the last day of school before the winter break.​​ 

Wear your holiday pajamas to school and don’t be late.

All apparel must be modest and school appropriate. ​​ If you have to ask – then you shouldn’t wear it.


 ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​​​ ​​ 





FBA Mission: ​​ Educate students for time & eternity by presenting God’s truth in all areas of education and character development.

FBA Vision: Teach the Way, Train in Truth, Live the Life (Jesus)​​ John 14:6

FBA Philosophy: Kingdom Education with a Biblical Worldview

FBA Goal: ​​ Honor/Glorify God (dominion/Gen1:28); Love (Mt 22:37-39); Go (Mt 28:18-2)

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