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FBA Newsletter 1-27-2021






January 27, 2021

High School Band Royalty Free Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock Illustration.  Image 51975870.

First Baptist Academy is pleased to announce the results from this year's All-Region Band Competition. FBA had 15 students audition for the Region bands and 13 of those students earned placement chairs in their respective sections.


Ayden Bendele - Clarinet Symphonic Band - 3rd chair

Audrey Shobe - Clarinet Symphonic Band - 8th chair

Joshua Piedra - Clarinet Concert Band - 5th chair (17 overall)


Joshua Gray - Alto Sax Symphonic Band - 4th chair

Josiah Rodriguez - Alto Sax Concert Band - 4th chair (8 overall)


Timothy Delarosa - Trumpet Symphonic Band - 5th chair

Parker Inmon - Trumpet Concert Band - 8th chair (18 overall)

Braden Orth - Trumpet Concert Band - 9th chair (19 overall)


Zane Cooper - Trombone Symphonic Band - 1st chair

David Alsobrook - Trombone Symphonic Band - 2nd chair

Patrick Herzog - Trombone Symphonic Band - 5th chair

Carlos Hernandez - Trombone Concert Band - 3rd chair (11 overall)


Isaac Self - Tuba Symphonic Band - 4th chair


Mr. Strawn would also like to recognize Jaedynn Muenchow and Aiden Cox for their hard work as well.





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Please keep your tuition and fee schedule​​ with the new rates​​ for your records.

Please​​ do not​​ send enrollment fees with your request for paperwork.

Enrollment​​ paperwork will be sent home Monday, February 8th.

Enrollment fees​​ are due​​ when you return the​​ enrollment paperwork.

At the time of enrollment, you may pay 1/3 of the enrollment fee.

The second 1/3 will be due by March 31st.

The final 1/3 will due by April 30th.

If you need financial assistance forms, please write at the top of the page that you would​​ like a packet sent with your​​ enrollment paperwork.

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  • To keep up with increased costs, we have made slight changes to our tuition and fees.

  • Once you have selected a payment option, any changes will result in a $35.00 fee.

  • A Technology Fee has been implemented for students in grades 6th​​ – 12th.

You will have the option to pay this fee in 10 or 12 payments or in full.

First Baptist Academy instituted the Technology Fee as part of a comprehensive plan to build and maintain fundamental facilities and services in order to offer its students the highest quality learning environment. It is used to address specific technology needs such as computing and mobility, Internet access, email, security, help services, software, computer labs, Chromebooks, library resources, and wireless networks. 

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