FBA Grove Gazette 4-25-18


April 25, 2018


The K4 students will have a Fiesta Float Parade tomorrow (Thursday, April 26th) at 9:00 a.m.


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You are invited to First Baptist Academy’s Orientation for Incoming Middle Schoolers and their parents on Thursday, April 26th at 4:00 p.m. in the Peace Auditorium.  Daily schedules, elective choices, athletic info, curriculum overview, registration information and Q and A.


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There is no school or ELS on Friday, April 27th.




If you divided your   Enrollment: New Students ??� Counseling &, Student Services ??� Yorba fees into multiple payments then your final payment is due on April 30th.  

Also, please remember ALL tuition, fees, etc. are due no later than May 15th or your student will not be able to return to school.



We will soon be able to start taking payments on line! If everything works out the way we have planned this will begin May 1st!  In order to accommodate this change all fees for using debit/credit cards have changed.  To swipe a debit card in the office will cost 1.2%.  (If you charge less than $80.00 this actually less than you used to deal with than before.)  Remember checks and cash are always free.  If you pay online via ACH (basically a check) it will cost you .50.  If you choose debit or credit on line it will cost you 3%.  We are working on you being able to put (and pay) for lunch money on line as well.  We just haven’t quite reached that point, hopefully it will be soon!  If you have any questions please call me or 

email me.  210-658-5331 or beth@fbauc.com


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Mothers of kindergarten students are invited to attend a Mother’s Day Tea in their honor on Friday, May 4th at 2:00 p.m. in the Peace Auditorium. Please mark your calendars now to attend this very special event.


Spring Musical Concerts

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Please note that the Spring Band Concert is on

Monday, May 7th at 7:00 p.m. in the Sanctuary




Cheer/Mascot informational meeting for parents of 6th-11th graders

If you are interested in having your daughter join cheer or your son be the mascot for the 2018/2019 school year, this is an important meeting you don't want to miss. You will meet the Cheer coaches. Cheer coaches will discuss the expectations and requirements of being part of a team. You will receive an estimated cost for the season and ask questions at the end of the meeting.  Please note the date change of the meeting.

When: Monday May 14th 

Where: (1st door after school office)






To our FBA Eagle Choir

They are the 2A 2018 TAPPS Vocal Champions (again)


2018 TAPPS State Vocal Championship Results

The choir was blessed this past Saturday as we competed at the state level for Concert, Sight Reading, and Medium Ensembles at Midway High School. With the results listed below combined with those we earned during TAPPS State Solo and Ensemble Competition, we accumulated enough points to be 2A State Champions. We praise God for the results—He is our inspiration and our strength! The results are as follows:


  • Large Mixed Ensemble Concert – Superior (I)

  • Large Mixed Ensemble Sight Reading – Excellent (II)

Eagle Choir members: Sarahi Amaya, Nina Anzualda, Sebastian Araguz, Carlene Chan, Haley Daugherty, Chelsey Davis, Cyrus Davis, Owen Flanagan, Sabian Garza-Plata, Shannon Gray, John Hartman, Amy Hernandez, Grace Hernandez, Daniel Hooker, 

Brian Kilwy, Bella Munoz, McKenzie Pleas, Savannah Rakovalis, Samantha Rios, 

Kyra Self, Katrina Taylor, Brett Waltmann, Mitchell Waltmann 

  • Large Treble Ensemble Concert – Superior (I)

  • Large Treble Ensemble Sight Reading – Superior (I)

  • Sweepstakes Award

Large Treble Ensemble members: Sarahi Amaya, Nina Anzualda, Carlene Chan, 

Sabian Garza-Plata, Shannon Gray, Amy Hernandez, Grace Hernandez, McKenzie Pleas,        

Savannah Rakovalis, Katrina Taylor

  • Large Men’s Ensemble Concert – Excellent (II)

  • Large Men’s Ensemble Sight Reading – Excellent (II)

Men’s Choir members: Sebastian Araguz, Cyrus Davis, Owen Flanagan, John Hartman,     Daniel Hooker, Brian Kilwy, Brett Waltmann, Mitchell Waltmann

  • Sacred Ensemble A – Excellent (II)

Sarahi Amaya, Sebastian Araguz, Haley Daugherty, Chelsey Davis, Cyrus Davis, 

Sabian Garza-Plata, John Hartman, Amy Hernandez, Brian Kilwy, McKenzie Pleas,  Samantha Rios, Kyra Self, Brett Waltmann

  • Sacred Ensemble B – Excellent (II)

Sarahi Amaya, Nina Anzualda, Carlene Chan, Haley Daugherty, Owen Flanagan, 

Shannon Gray, Grace Hernandez, Daniel Hooker, Bella Munoz, Savannah Rakovalis, 

Katrina Taylor, Mitchell Waltmann

  • Sacred Ensemble C – Excellent (II)

Carlene Chan, Sabian Garza-Plata, Shannon Gray, John Hartman, Amy Hernandez, 

Grace Hernandez, Daniel Hooker, Brian Kilwy, McKenzie Pleas, Samantha Rios, 

Kyra Self, Brett Waltmann, Mitchell Waltmann