Box Tops

Welcome back FBA parents! ​​ A new school year and lots of changes, especially with the Box Tops program. ​​ 

In case you haven’t heard, Box Tops is going digital. ​​ What this means, is that in the future, you will need to only scan your receipt and not clip the​​ physical​​ Box Tops coupons. ​​ 

In the meantime, keep clipping those physical​​ coupons​​ as long as you continue to find them​​ “unexpired”​​ and​​ send​​ them to FBA with your child’s teacher’s homeroom name. ​​ 

Just to clarify, in the graphic above, the pink coupon (in the blue “Clip It” upper section) is the one that gets​​ physically​​ turned in​​ to FBA. ​​ The blue “No More Clipping” (in the red lower section)​​ does not​​ get physically turned in,​​ but instead, the receipt should be scanned on the Box Tops App.

As an​​ added​​ bonus”,​​ you can ‘double dip’ during the packaging transition by clipping the physical Box Tops​​ AND​​ scanning your receipt with those participating items.​​ ​​ Additionally, certain retailers (Costco, Sam’s Club,​​ Walmart,​​ etc.) are offering extra incentives​​ (listed at end of this section)​​ during this transition period. ​​​​ 

Be sure to download the Box Tops For Education from either the Google Play (Android) or App Store (Apple) today.​​ 

Please NOTE: ​​ Receipts​​ must​​ be scanned​​ within 14 days of purchase.

FBA 2019-2020 Box Tops Competition

  • Monthly Homeroom​​ Competitions

      • Special Spirit Days for Homeroom Winner

      • Upcoming Monthly Cutoff Dates

      • Aug 30th  ​​ ​​​​ Friendly Reminder to send in the Box Tops collected over the summer. Also, if you already were using the App since August, you may submit your screen shot for Homeroom credit.

      • Sep 20th​​ 

      • Oct 25th​​ 

      • Points​​ Awarded​​ 

      • Each​​ eligible “unexpired” physical or scanned Box Top is worth 1 FBA Point. ​​ 

      • Each “clean​​ cut​​ unexpired”​​ physical Box Top​​ (cut on the dotted lines around Box Top)​​ is worth 5 FBA Points

      • BONUS​​ Points​​ through Sep 30th. ​​ Each digital scanned Box Tops is worth 4 additional FBA Points (for a total of 5 points)​​ if​​ screen shot turned into the Parent Auxiliary before cutoff (

  • 2 Special Incentives​​ for​​ Regular​​ Home Games Only

      • Volleyball​​ Family​​ Pass​​ of 4​​ (Competition runs thru Sep 20th​​ )

      • Basketball​​ Family​​ Pass​​ of 4​​ (Competition Sep 21st​​ – Oct 25th)

  • Schoolwide goal of 10,000 Box Tops​​ ($1,000 cash for FBA!)

  • Homeroom​​ of​​ the Year

      • 1st​​ Place > Pizza Party

      • 2nd​​ Place > Ice Cream Party


General Info -​​ Using the​​ Box Tops​​ App

The app is fairly easy to navigate. You​​ can​​ enter​​ the​​ zip code (FBA is​​ 78148) to pull up a list of schools (or type in “First Baptist Academy”​​ or “Universal City, TX”), then select​​ our school​​ First Baptist Academy, Universal City, TX.​​ ​​ You will then be able to create an account with an email address. ​​ Once your account is set up, you can​​ view​​ how much FBA has earned over time (“School Year Earnings”)​​ for physical and digital Box Tops​​ and​​ you can see​​ how much you​​ personally​​ have contributed (“My Earnings”)​​ with digital Box Tops.​​  ​​​​ NOTE: ​​ Receipts​​ must​​ be scanned within 14 days of purchase.

Here’s the tricky part about using the App. ​​ The Box Tops App isn’t​​ fully​​ developed yet and there are some minor bugs that are still being worked out. ​​ One such problem, is how to track the individual homeroom submissions for scanned receipts. ​​ THE​​ TEMPORARY FIX: ​​ Once a receipt is scanned (for digital or physical Box Tops), send a screen shot of “My Earnings” to the​​ FBA Parents Auxiliary email (​​ before the monthly​​ cut off due date​​ to get credit for your homeroom classroom.

By the way, if you’ve got extra-long receipts, you may have to take multiple photos and “stitch” them together, by using the plus sign (+) located at the bottom of the screen. ​​ Once you have “stitched” your entire receipt together, click on the check mark symbol to upload your receipt. ​​ 

Shopping​​ online; how will that work?

Great news! If you shop for groceries online, you can now submit your email receipts from select retailers to earn Box Tops for your school. To ensure that earnings are properly credited to your account:

1. Make sure you have a Box Tops for Education account (you can create one via the Box Tops app or website)
2. Forward your email receipt to​​​​ using the same email that’s associated with your​​ Box Tops​​ account
3. Box Tops will be credited within 10 business days – view your earnings detail in the MY EARNINGS section of the app or website

The following email receipts are currently eligible (as of July 17, 2019):

  • Instacart



  • Shipt


  • Target Pick-Up/Drive-Up

  • Walmart Grocery




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