Competition Results

2016 TAPPS State Vocal Championship Results

The choir was blessed this past Friday as we competed at the state level for Concert, Sight Reading, and Medium Ensembles in Killeen. With the results listed below combined with those we earned during TAPPS State Solo and Ensemble Competition, we accumulated enough points to be 2A State Champions. We praise God for the results—He is our inspiration and our strength! The results are as follows:

  • Large Mixed Ensemble Concert – Superior (I)

  • Large Mixed Ensemble Sight Reading – Superior (I)

Eagle Choir members: Eli Alvarez, Sarahi Amaya, Nina Anzualda, Natalie Benavides, Brianna Blevins, Carlene Chan, Rachel Conshue, Haley Daugherty, Sarah Davis, Christina Del Castillo, James Del Castillo, Josh Del Castillo, Hannah Dockal, Sabian Garza-Plata, Shannon Gray, Michael Griffith, Frank Hernandez, Grace Hernandez, Daniel Hooker, Devynn Inmon, Megan Kilwy, Kalli Lindow, Camryn Lane, Rachel Miele, Bella Munoz, Dru Nichols, Janie Nichols, Taylore Pleas, Jeffrey Povolish, Gabby Rancier, Dustin Richardson, Ashley Rivera, Alyssa Shaw, Marthe St. Jean, Katrina Taylor, Kaylyn Troublefield, Mitchell Waltmann, Taylor Weatherly, Ellie Womack

  • Large Treble Ensemble Concert – Superior (I)

  • Large Treble Ensemble Sight Reading – Superior (I)

Large Treble Ensemble members: Nina Anzualda, Natalie Benavides, Carlene Chan, Rachel Conshue, Sarah Davis, Hannah Dockal, Shannon Gray, Grace Hernandez, Megan Kilwy, Kalli Lindow, Rachel Miele, Janie Nichols, Taylore Pleas, Ashley Rivera, Alyssa Shaw, Katrina Taylor, Ellie Womack

  • Large Men’s Ensemble Concert – Superior (I)

  • Large Men’s Ensemble Sight Reading – Superior (I)

Men’s Choir members: Eli Alvarez, James Del Castillo, Josh Del Castillo, Michael Griffith, Frank Hernandez, Daniel Hooker, James Lehman, Dru Nichols, Dustin Richardson, Mitchell Waltmann

    • Sacred Ensemble A – Superior (I)

    • Nina Anzualda, Carlene Chan, Christina Del Castillo, Shannon Gray, Grace Hernandez, Devynn Inmon, Bella Munoz, Katrina Taylor

    • Sacred Ensemble B – Superior (I)

      Natalie Benavides, Rachel Conshue, James Del Castillo, Hannah Dockal, Michael Griffith, Daniel Hooker, Rachel Miele, Dru Nichols, Jeffrey Povolish, Alyssa Shaw, Marthe St. Jean, Mitchell Waltmann, Ellie Womack

    • Sacred Ensemble C – Superior (I)

      Eli Alvarez, Brianna Blevins, Sarah Davis, Josh Del Castillo, Frank Hernandez,

      Megan Kilwy, Kalli Lindow, Janie Nichols, Taylore Pleas, Dustin Richardson,

      Ashley Rivera, Taylor Weatherly

    • Sacred Ensemble D – Superior (I)

      Natalie Benavides, Josh Del Castillo, Shannon Gray, Michael Griffith, Janie Nichols,

      Dustin Richardson, Alyssa Shaw, Mitchell Waltmann

2016 TAPPS District Results

On Thursday, March 10, FBA Eagle Choir members competed in-house in preparation for the TAPPS Championship Solo and Ensemble Competition to be held on March 30. God blessed us with sweet fellowship and beautiful music. We praise Him for the results listed below. (Note: all events advance to the Championship Competition.)

Small Ensemble Song of the River – Excellent

Sarahi Amaya, Haley Daugherty, Sabian Garza-Plata, Camryn Lane, Gabby Rancier,

Kaylyn Troublefield

Solo Results

  • Natalie Benavides – Superior

  • Brianna Blevins – Superior

  • Carlene Chan – Superior

  • Rachel Conshue – Superior

  • Haley Daugherty – Excellent

  • Hannah Dockal – Superior

  • Sabian Garza-Plata – Excellent

  • Shannon Gray – Superior

  • Michael Griffith – Superior

  • Grace Hernandez – Superior

  • Daniel Hooker – Excellent

  • Megan Kilwy – Superior

  • Camryn Lane – Good

  • Kalli Lindow – Excellent

  • Janie Nichols – Superior

  • Taylor Pleas – Excellent

  • Alyssa Shaw – Superior

  • Marthe St. Jean – Superior

  • Mitchell Waltmann – Superior

  • Ellie Womack – Excellent

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