Arrival/Dismissal Procedures


Dear Parents and Guardians:

Safety during carpool is the first priority at all times. Adherence to these carpool procedures, rules, and carpool attendants’ directions is required of all students and families of First Baptist Academy. Please closely review the instructions below to help make carpool safe and successful.

Arrival Procedures for Elementary and Upper School 

Elementary (7:50-8:15 A.M. Tardy after 8:15 A.M., must go to office to sign in).

Upper School (7:50-8:10 A.M. Tardy after 8:10 A.M., go to first period class).


Grades Kinder-12th grade will be assisted from the vehicle by faculty in the drop off lane. For the safety of everyone, students MAY NOT  be let out of vehicles in the parking lot to walk to the buildings, with the exception of student drivers and those that have siblings who ride with them.

Students who drive to campus will park in the parking lot in front of the gym. Students will then walk in the designated area, through the carpool lane with faculty assistance. 



Dismissal Procedures Elementary (3:30-3:50 P.M. Must enter from Pat Booker):

Grades Kinder-5th will be dismissed from the cafeteria by their family carpool last name placard beginning at 3:30 P.M. This placard is used for queuing in the carpool line and by either hanging this placard on your rearview mirror or placing it on the center of your dashboard. Your student will then be dismissed and should be waiting for you as you proceed through the carpool line. Students will only be dismissed by carline, not by walk-up.

If you are picking up multiple families, display all last name placards. Remember, there will be no parking on Pat Booker Road at any time; only queuing for carpool.

If your student has an older sibling in the school and they are driving the younger sibling, the older sibling will come and pick up the student from the cafeteria and walk to their dismissal/vehicle location, which is by the main entrance to the gym. They must be on the pickup list in order for the student to be dismissed to them. For the safety of all students, those who are not picked up by 3:50 P.M., will be sent to ELS (applicable charges will apply). 

Parents that are needing to pick up their upper school students will need to make a right onto Pat Booker road once leaving the elementary carpool line and enter the church entrance section next to AutoZone. You will then drive around the gym to park in the designated location. A map will be included in this email to better assist you. 

Dismissal Procedures for Upper School (3:34-3:50 P.M. Must enter from Pat Booker):

Grades 6-12th will be dismissed by the main entrance to the gym. Students will walk to their parent’s vehicle. Students who drive to school, will also park in that location and will use the back gate to leave for the school day. Students/Parents will not be permitted to exit onto Pat Booker Road during afternoon Elementary Carpool from the back parking lot. All parents and students will exit from the back gate.

Additional Dismissal Tips:


  • Carpool placards must be hanging on the rearview mirror or placed in the center of the front dash until your student is in the car. 

  • Each family will receive 3 placards on Get Acquainted Day. If they are misplaced, there will be a $3.00 charge to acquire another one. 

  • While in the carpool line, pull as far forward as possible and follow faculty instructions. 

  • Always yield to walkers and carpool attendants.

  • No parking or loading on Pat Booker Road.

  • No U-turns anywhere at any time. This is extremely dangerous.

  • Students enter and exit the cars from the sidewalk doors only.

  • Please see map to locate the spot where a left turn may be made onto Pat Booker Road. 

  • Please remember FBA has implemented new dismissal procedures and patience is key to helping our carpool dismissal be successful.  

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