2018-19 Elementary School Dress Code Guidelines


Students are required to wear school uniforms except for the Preschool.  Uniforms serve as an economy measure for our families.  Uniforms are also designed to bring dignity and enhance school spirit.  The Academy encourages unity and discourages competition due to outward appearance rather the emphasis is on development of a relationship with Christ.  


May our students learn from God’s word in I Samuel 16:7“The Lord does not look at the things man looks at.  Man looks at our outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”


Beginning the 2018-2019 school year, uniforms must be purchased from Lands’ End though their website at www.landsend.com.  Uniforms purchased from Parker Uniform will be grandfathered in for the 2018-2019 school year. 


See appropriate Parent/Student Handbook for uniform wear specific to each grade level.





Parker Uniform

  • Chapel Uniform – navy split culotte skirt, white middy blouse with red tie. 

  • Navy split culotte skirt, no shorter than two inches above the back of the knees. 

  • White middy blouse with red tie or light blue short sleeved polo with logo.

  • Navy flat front or pleated slacks may be worn.  


Lands’ End Uniform

  • Chapel Uniform  plaid jumper with logo to be worn with a white long or short sleeve peter pan shirt or plaid skirt or plaid skort with long or short sleeved white polo or peter pan shirt with logo.

  • Plaid jumper with logo or plaid skirt or plaid skort no shorter than two inches above the BACK of the knees.  (Girls must wear biker shorts under their skirts and may not be seen under the hem)

  • Long or short sleeved red, navy, or white polo or peter pan polo with logo, worn out, not tucked in.

  • Navy and Khaki pants may be worn.

  • Navy or white tights may be worn. 

  • Solid white No Scuff (upper, laces and sole) tennis shoes with white socks, must be plain, regular tennis shoes.  A light gray logo may be visible on the shoe.  No high tops, sparkles, striped or neon shoe designs or decorations, etc., will be allowed.

  • Undergarments may be worn but must not be seen below the hem of the blouse.  Also, undergarments must be of such color (e.g., white or nude) that they will not be seen through the blouse.

  • Simple hair items for girls only (bows, barrettes, clips, headbands) must not be distracting and must match the uniform. No bandanas or scarves may be worn..





Parker Uniform

  • Chapel Uniform  navy pleated shorts or navy pleated twill pants with a leather black or brown belt, white short sleeved polo with logo. 

  • Navy pleated shorts or navy pleated twill pants with a leather black or brown belt. 

  • A white or light blue short sleeved polo with logo.

  • Solid black No Scuff (upper, laces and sole) tennis shoes with white or black socks.  A light gray logo may be visible on the shoe. No high tops, sparkles, striped or neon shoe designs or decorations, etc.  


Lands’ End Uniform

  • Chapel Uniform – navy or khaki pants with a leather black or brown belt, long or short sleeved white polo with logo. 

  • Navy or khaki shorts or pants with a leather black or brown belt. 

  • Long or short sleeved red, navy, or white polo with logo.

  • Solid black No Scuff (upper, laces and sole) tennis shoes with white or black socks.  A light gray logo may be visible on the shoe. No high tops, striped or neon shoe designs or decorations, etc.  

  • Undergarments may be worn underneath the uniform but must not be below the hem line or seen through the shirt.







Students are permitted to wear a jacket or coat of no particular style or color to school, however, ONLY ‘school’ jackets or Lands’ End jackets and sweaters are to be worn inside school buildings.  Lands’ End Uniform sweaters include SOLID red or navy blue cardigan sweaters and pullover sweaters.  Students may also purchase and wear optional navy blue blazer or rain jackets from Lands’ End.  No sweatshirts or vests or hoodies, other than those bought from FBA or FBA’s contract uniform store are permitted.  No sweatshirts or hoodies will be worn in Chapel.

FBA athletic sweatshirts and hoodies are only to be worn by upper school students (grades 6-12) participating in the athletic program.   



Please send your student to school with appropriate attire for outside play in the winter months.  Children go out for recess as long as the wind chill factor is greater than 32˚F and it is not wet or raining.  Please contact the teacher if your child has asthma or other health conditions.  We will be checking the KENS5 TV weather/wind chill factor on the internet daily.







All FBA students have the privilege of wearing clean, neat blue jeans (no skinny, baggy or jeans with holes/rips) with an FBA spirit shirt (old or new) and with tennis shoes or school shoes every Friday.  If a student does not have a spirit shirt, the normal school uniform must be worn. 



Scout and AWANA uniforms are permitted in their entirety on meeting days.  Scout pins may be worn on school uniforms.  



Students are required to wear P.E. uniforms which are purchased through the school office or at the uniform swap.  School tennis shoes and white socks must be worn during P.E. classes.  November through March are considered cold weather months.  Cold weather attire includes plain gray or red sweat pants and sweat shirts (not sold at the academy) and may be purchased at a local store.  Sweats may be brought to P.E. class every day during November through March.  At the discretion of the P.E. teacher, sweats may also be required during other months.  All P.E. attire must be marked with the student’s first and last name. 





Must be God honoring and non-distracting.  For girls, one set of small earrings no larger than a nickel in the lobe of the ear are permitted.  Boys are not permitted to wear earrings. For boys and girls, one small gold or silver neck chain and bracelet are acceptable.  



Hair must always be neat and clean.  Excessive hair coloring is not acceptable.  No fad hairstyles (tails, designs cut into hair, unnatural dyes or spikes or faux hawks, half short/half long, etc).  Boys hair must be kept short, not touching the uniform shirt collar, or the eyebrows.  Boys hair may reach the middle of the ear in length, including side burns.  For both girls and boys, teachers and staff must be able to see students’ eyes at all times.  



Absolutely no body tattoos, transfers, or body piercing is permitted. 



Elementary students may not wear make-up.  



Elementary students may only wear clear nail polish. 


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